Jotainkivaa Records is independent netlabel and digital record shop located in Finland.
Mainly focused releasing all kind of electronic music related content from all around the world.

Few examples of the artists we have:

Anthing @soundcloud

A Guy Called Richard @soundcloud

And our own soundcloud page:

Jotainkivaa Records @soundcloud

Super Slide Racer is challenging top-down racing game for Android devices.
The game includes 10 tracks (free version) and up to 7 AI opponents.
Full version of the game includes 20 tracks.

There is going to be more tracks and more cars added in the future.

You should join the facebook group to keep you informed!

And for the game itself check you Google Play page.

Nameless Development Group is independent game developer trying to make interesting and challenging games.
At the moment the main product is Super Slide Racer but few other projects are also forming slowly.

Anthing, Electronic music since around around 1992.
Started out with Amiga 500 and OctaMED trackes software. There was all four channels filled with sounds. Basically everything was experimenting and learning till the end of 90's before it really kicked in. Anthing has never released any physical form of his tracks. All digital over internet.

If you like electronic music, hope you check him out!

Saavi =)


Pinky's been around since 2008. History of Pinky started when he was found inside of 8-bit Nintendo console. Ever since he's been out of the box...

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